Guillaume Bury - R&D Engineer

A First Blog Post

So, first blog post I have ever written, let's see how this goes, ^^

Of course, I spent most of my time setting up the server to correctly index and serve the blog posts so that in the future I'll only have to write the blog post in itself, upload the file, and the server will do the rest (lookup the date, add the post to the db, and correctly generate the index for all the posts). So this will be very short, more of a statement that I can write blog posts now, rather than a real blog post with content, :p

Actually, the thing which probably took me most of the time, was to somehow get automatic syntax colouring, and after a few hours getting lost in some documentation, I finally found a way to do so, so that I can have in my hand-written blog post something like:

    let foobar () = function
      | `Bla -> 42
      | `Foo -> 0
and it would automatically render as follows:
1  let foobar () = function
2    | `Bla -> 42
3    | `Foo -> 0
Of course, the html code is without the backslashes, but interestingly, my setup does not seem to allow escaping so that I can't really have the exact html code printed as html because it will be caught by the template framework and automatically formatted, but I guess it won't be a real problem unless I decide to write a blog post about how I setup my blog, but that would be too meta.

So it's late now, and I'm pretty happy, but I still wonder if I'll ever truly have the time and motivation to write blog posts, so that the last few hours won't be lost, ^^